The place where nature and excellence go hand in hand.
Located in a privileged setting in the Valencian Community, just a few minutes from Valencia.

Local rules



  • Asphalted and/or paved paths.
  • Plant stands with bark and/or cork with wooden borders.
  • Trees with stakes and/or recently planted windbreaks.



  • The bunker stones.

Out of limits

Beyond any walls, fences, white pickets and posts defining the boundary of the field.

  • When out-of-bounds is defined by white stakes or posts (excluding angled supports) the line joining the nearest inward points, at ground level, of such stakes or posts defines the limit. A ball is out of bounds when all of it rests on that line.
  • Where a white line exists, it defines the boundary. A ball is out of bounds when all of it rests on or over such a line.

Land in repair

  • All those areas of the field marked by white lines and/or blue stakes.
  • Deep marks of tractors and machinery.
  • Recently planted tree.
  • Area of sand around drainage chests.

Water obstacles

  • Marked with yellow and red stakes or lines.
  • Hole 10 lateral water area to the left of the way height drop first shot.

Recesed ball

Extends to the stroke. See page 134 (appendix l) a. relief for recessed ball.

Compulsory drop zone

On hole 3 there will be a compulsory drop zone on the left side of the road before the ravine.


Stroke Play: Two Strokes.

  • The use of any type of measuring equipment is permitted.
  • Buggy use is permitted.