La Galiana - Hoyo Golf 18

The Entrepinos

JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX3ZlcnRpY2FsX25hdiU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfbmV4dCU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfcHJldiU1RA== One par five, handicap two. The course is located on the living rock of the estate and the forest delimits the fairway. It has a double dogleg; first on the right and then,...

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La Galiana - Hoyo Golf 17

The Bunkers

JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX3ZlcnRpY2FsX25hdiU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfbmV4dCU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfcHJldiU1RA== This par-four with a strong dogleg to the right,requires the player to choose his strategy well. Two options: a short and easy tee shot to a green protected by front bunkers, or a long...

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La Galiana - Hoyo Golf 16

The Orange tree

JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX3ZlcnRpY2FsX25hdiU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfbmV4dCU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfcHJldiU1RA== A slightly uphill par three. One of the most difficult greens on the course. It is protected by three bunkers. A complete par three in meters, obstacles and difficulty of the green. A real...

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The Viewpoint

JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX3ZlcnRpY2FsX25hdiU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfbmV4dCU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfcHJldiU1RA== Few holes tee off from so high, a feature that makes it the it the most extraordinary par four on the course. The tee-off point is some 30 metres above the ball drop zone....

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The Mountain

JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX3ZlcnRpY2FsX25hdiU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfbmV4dCU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfcHJldiU1RA== The downhill par three brings the player closer to the mountain. It is a shaded hole and, therefore, it must be taken into account that the conditions of the green may differ from those...

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The West

JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX3ZlcnRpY2FsX25hdiU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfbmV4dCU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfcHJldiU1RA== Short par four on a slight rise.The game depends directly on the strength of the wind. A bunker on the left side of the fairway indicates the right direction. The right side of the...

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The Levant

JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX3ZlcnRpY2FsX25hdiU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfbmV4dCU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfcHJldiU1RA== The most wonderful of the course's par fours by length.Its wide tee shot is oriented to the right of the hole, as is highlighted by the two directional bunkers located on the left side...

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The Cascade

JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX3ZlcnRpY2FsX25hdiU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfbmV4dCU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfcHJldiU1RA== Slightly uphill par four where the lakes on the right play an important role. The impressive water cascades and the well-kept landscaping delight the players who, on this side of the hole, will have...

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The Peninsula

JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX3ZlcnRpY2FsX25hdiU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfbmV4dCU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfcHJldiU1RA== This is the the most spectacular downhill start on the La Galiana golf course. This par five is protected on the right side by a succession of lakes and an estuary in the centre...

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The Lakes

JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX3ZlcnRpY2FsX25hdiU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfbmV4dCU1RA==JTVCbGdncl9ob2xlX2hvcl9uYXZfcHJldiU1RA== A short pair four.A finish worthy of the characteristics of the game offered by La Galiana golf course; although the initial distance of the hole does not make it apparent. On the tee it...

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